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Risk and Compliance with Kaus Phaltankar, CEO at Caveonix

Feb 3, 202047 minutes

This week I'm joined by Kaus Phaltankar, the CEO of Caveonix - a proactive cloud risk and compliance platform available to our VMware Cloud Partners. Security is, and pretty much has been, the number 1 customer concern with cloud usage and adoption. In 2019, compliance and cyber-security priorities dominated a lot of the cloud news especially prevalent in some key verticals.

Please join me and Kaus to find out more about Caveonix, the solution, the company and the opportunity that this could present for you and your customers.

Digital Economics in Cloud with 451 Research's Owen Rogers

Oct 29, 201941 minutes

In this episode we address the economics of cloud with 451's expert in digital economics Owen Rogers.

Central Point of Management (CPoM) with Joe Forjette

Aug 28, 201924 minutes

Joe Forjet is Senior Product manager on the vCloud director team

Expedient Virtualisation platform on VMware with John White

Jul 16, 201943 minutes

John White is Chief Innovation Officer at Expediant.

Cloud Strategy and vCloud Director with John Dwyer

Jun 26, 201947 minutes

In this episode I’m with John Dwyer who’s a Group Product Manager

Portfolio development and go to market strategy with David Ednie

Jun 4, 201946 minutes

I’m joined by David Ednie, President and CEO at SalesChannel

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